Integrated Cybercrime Management (ICM)

Abstract - ICM

The goal of this paper is to introduce a new concept in information technology, law enforcement, and security organizations and cyber forensics.


There is a critical need in the law enforcement community to develop new techniques to prevent future cyber attacks. Integrated Cybercrime Management is application of all available techniques to improve cyber security and to create safe environment in cyberspace. ICM uses advanced security techniques including precautions, preventive measures and special tools, because prevention is only basic tool in cybercrime.


The concept came from Integrated Network Management, Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Weed Management. E.g. - Integrated Pest Management is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks, same concept is applicable in Integrated Cybercrime Management.


The tools and technologies that law enforcement investigators use to investigate these attacks are not keeping pace with the technologies employed by attackers. It is somewhat difficult to find attackers, but we can minimize cybercrime by using preventive techniques and proper precautions. Past studies show that, Negligence is mostly responsible for the Cyber crime in many cases, carelessness or negligence during protecting the computer system, which provides entry to a cyber criminal, to gain access and control over the computer system.


In this study we applied ICM techniques and finding were always better then the use of single or few techniques. This study predicts that ICM will be very helpful to minimize cybercrime and losses causing by them.


Keywords- Cybercrime, Security, Integrated, Management


Santosh Raut, M.Sc. Forensic Science, Amity University Uttar Pradesh (24 Oct. 2010)

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